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Customized Services

1.What products and services your company needs that we provide.

Rascheal Lace   Emlpricel   Torchon Lace  
Timmig Lace   Tinning Lace  


2.What products and services your company needs that we provide.

Design   Sample Pattern   Promtion Sample   Bulk perchase   High Quality  
Middle Quality   Light Quality  


3.The Company Order Quantity Item acceptable number.

Within 1000 yards   1000yds +/-3%   3000yds+/-3%   5000yds+/-3%   8000yds+/-3%  
Aabove 10000yds  


4.Color match for your ordered goods.

Distinguish color with Pantone   Distinguish color with customer’s color standard  
Distinguish color with our own color standard   Distinguish color with bulk production  


5.Your preferred method of payment for ordered goods.

Open L/C   100% payment after order confirmed   30% payment after order confirmed and 70% payment before shipment  
100% Payment in 30 days after order confirmed  

6.How you would like us to contact you.

No. of telephone   E-mail   Discussing with video   Skype   fax   FB  


7.Delivery time after ordering. How long it will take until your order begins production.

One month   Five months   Six months   Twelve months   Not sure  


8.Other services.



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