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Member Benefits

Welcome you to join Jiun Yuh Industrial Co., Ltd. Member, because the provisions of these terms are about your rights and obligations, please read:


Jiun Yuh Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 in Tainan City, Taiwan, since the only professional production of lace manufacturing plant, the company since its founding management team will do our best to serve our customers, provide customer product satisfaction guarantee, uphold the "unity and cooperation, sincere attitude, service improvement, product innovation "business philosophy steady growth.


Company management team attention and filter out the excellent staff training, sales support service personnel and reserve management, providing customers with the most comprehensive portfolio of services innovation and product development, the establishment of an efficient management team, providing product information management services, quality control processes and customer service to quickly respond to the best purchasing experience.


Company management team trying to get customers generally recognized contribution to providing high-quality service and reasonable prices, able to meet our customers' needs.